HOPE for Ecuador
Thank you to everyone who sowed into the lives of the people of Ecuador through toys, finances, and prayers. Through your generous giving, we were able to give out hundreds of toys to the children, school supplies & backpacks, and over 2,500 meals to those effected by the earthquakes.

E1When the earthquake hit Ecuador back in April, I felt like the Lord spoke to me and said, “You must go to Ecuador.” My response was “What can I do, I’m only one person? I don’t have a big church or access to lots of money. What difference can I make?”  He said, “I want you to take HOPE to Ecuador. I am raising up a generation that won’t be shaken because they know the love of the Father. Show them My love. Gather all that you can gather and take HOPE to Ecuador.”This trip was done completely different from any mission trip I have ever been a part of.  My team was made up of pastors in Quito with connections to small villages who had received no aide.  These pastors had no way of getting to these villages without financial help, let alone help provide for the massive need of the victims.  I had the awesome privilege of facilitating this community of pastors in ministering to their own people!  I’m pretty wrecked to be used by God in this way!

Arriving in Ecuador with over 300 toys, there were concerns of clearing customs.  I was through customs in under 15 minutes with no questions. I was literally in the shadow of His wing.

Our team made multiple stops at churches to gather the supplies people had donated. As we began to pack the truck, it was obvious that we had more than we could carry. But as we were loading it seemed as though everything shrunk to miraculously fit! All of us were astounded.

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Our first stop was the town of Alluriquin.  A landslide fell into one of two rivers that encompass the mountainous town at midnight. The sound woke everyone giving them a 5 minute warning before the river flooded the town. They felt it was the grace of God that awoke them, saving many lives. The flood swept down from the upper river and wiped out 10 families’ homes and took the local pastor’s car. It filled the church destroying everything in the building including all their instruments. The waters did massive damage to each side of the church but spared the church building. It then joined with the other river wiping out homes and killing several members of the church.

The people gathered to receive our gifts of pots, pans and dinner ware.  As we laid out the toys for the children, one young father ran over to grab a toy for his child. He held it tightly to his chest and wept. I was and still am undone as I write this. That toy represented love that he could give his child after loosing everything.


As we drove to Portoviejo, we noticed that many of the mountain’s sides had massive landslides scaring the faces of the mountains. You could see where the landslides had covered the road. At one point two whole lanes had simply vanished down the side of the mountain.  Many bridges had been totally destroyed. Thankfully we were in a 4-wheel drive truck! It took all day to reach the coastal area because of the conditions of the road.

In the city we noticed the destruction all around. The downtown area was completely destroyed and the police had blocked off the whole downtown. They are waiting for demolition experts to come and blow up the buildings so they can begin to rebuild.  The government claims over 2,000 dead and 24,000 in shelters and tents. They can’t account for another 23,000!

The main message for the trip was how can you say you love God, yet not love your brother.

1 John 3:16-18 By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers. 17But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him? 18Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.

The one place in scripture where we are promised to see Jesus is in the eyes of the poor and afflicted. ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matt. 25:40.

We couldn’t bring supplies to the thousands living in tents or cardboard structures, but we were able to show the love of the Father to those He gave us in Alluriquin, La Paz, San Jose, Las Arenales, and Protoviejo.

The church is Quito has now sent hundreds of Bibles to give out to those in the tent cities and more supplies to those in need.  It will take years for them to rebuild.  Thank you again for your prayers and support!

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David’s Tent DC 2014:

We just returned from Washington DC where we participated in David’s Tent DC for the 3rd year.  This year they are lifting continuous worship, day and night for 50 days up through November 4th.  Already since the start of David’s Tent we have seen the Attorney General and the head of the Secret Service resign!  Keep your eyes on Washington during this time.  Lift up your governmental leaders in prayer….that this nation who turn back to God.

In Nehemiah 8, Ezra stood on a wooden platform, in an open square, and read the book of the Law to all the people.  The people were so impacted that they worshipped with their faces on the ground and began to weep.  Nehemiah, Ezra, and the Levites together instructed the people to not weep, but to go and eat and celebrate for that day was Holy, and it was not right to be sorrowful, for the joy of Lord is our strength!

During these 50 days people are taking turns reading the Bible out loud facing the White House.  They expect to complete the reading of the Word 7 times over this period.  The Word of God will not return void!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support to go and release praises to the King of Glory!  The Tent of HIS Presence next to the palace!



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2014 Discipling Nations!

We just returned from Quito, Ecuador where 10 churches came together for a weekend of encouragement and training.  These congregations are working to establish night and day worship and prayer in Quito!  Quito is considered the “Center of the Earth” and is the highest capital city in the world at 9,350 ft.

During the Saturday night service we had 17 people come forward to accept Christ!  Whole families dedicated their lives!  We had one lady tell us that for the first time in her life she truly worshiped Jesus!

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HAITI 2013

We had an amazing time in Dessalines Haiti.  We went to help train up and establish the new House of Prayer in Dessalines.  It was amazing to see the hunger of the people for the presence of God.  They would come in at 3:30 am every day on their way to work and pray and worship for 2 hours.  Every night the Prayer House would be packed with children and hungry worshipers seeking the face of God.

We were also able to go to a local orphanage and love on the kids.  All of us were touched deeply by these kids!  We traveled out to a local village where a new church had been established.  We prayed and dedicated the land.  Within 20 minutes of our unannounced arrive the place was full of people wanting to hear the word of God.  We testified of the goodness of God and prayed for the sick.  As people were healed we had them give away what they received and to lay hands and pray for their friends who needed healing.

Thank you to all who supported and prayed for us on this trip.  Your reward will be great!


Prophetic Word for Round Rock, TX

(March 4, 2012 – Fire on the Altar-Austin)


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