BURN Austin exists to fulfill the Amos 9 and Acts 15 Biblical prophecy to rebuild and restore the Tabernacle of David in Austin, that the remnant of men may seek the Lord. It is for the end-time harvest!

  • 1st – to love GOD with everything we have
  • 2nd – to love each other sacrificially

To establish a place and space where God can be glorified in the city so that a community of hungry lovers of God would once again build their lives around His Presence.

The world around us is crying out to know and feel the presence of God. We are part of a grassroots movement that plants furnaces of vertical worship and prayer around the world. We are creating a dwelling place for God’s Presence.

Austin calls itself the “Live Music Capital of the World”. We declare that it is the LIVE WORSHIP CAPITAL with spontaneous praise igniting all across this city and beyond. Spontaneous praise which brings the habitation of Almighty God and the change that must take place when you enter into His presence! We cannot stay the same when we encounter the living God.


June 19, 2010
The Lord says you are my burning hearts
He says you are the living coals that have been placed before me
You’ve been ignited with my glory
My glory is my love
My fire is my love
It’s not an energy or a force
It’s the love of my person and you’ve been set ablaze
I’m about to take you from my altar and place you on the lips of the city of Austin
The passion in your heart for me will be spoken of throughout the city
They will know that these have been with the Lord
You will be placed inside the hearts of the city of Austin
And their hearts will burn when they see your love for me and your love for one another
This love you are to carry, this love you are to steward, this love you are to embrace
This love is to go from glory to glory, deeper and deeper in my heart
I will reveal myself to this city through you.