What is the BURN?

We are the hungry, desperate and unified body gathering in cities across the world to release a sound of vertical, Davidic worship and prayer that creates a resting place for the Presence of God

We exist to fulfill the Amos 9:11 and Acts 15:16 prophecy to rebuild and restore the Tabernacle of David that the remnant of men would seek the Lord.

Vertical Worship and Prayer:

Psalmists, intercessors and worshipers gather for extended hours of continuous, vertical worship to minister to God, knowing His Presence will transform a city!

Supernatural Unity:

Denominational boundaries are destroyed as worship leaders, intercessors and lovers of God gather from many different expressions, backgrounds and ethnicities for raw, uninterrupted worship and prayer.

Mobile Tabernacle:

The BURN moves from church to church saturating an area with His Presence.  This cultivates an atmosphere for fiery intercession that will open the heavens of a city, region or nation.

Back to the First Love:

Spending long hours in God’s presence restores intimacy and allows our hearts to connect “deep unto deep” as we pursue to fulfill the first great commandment of Jesus.

Transforming Cities:

The unified pursuit of His Presence alone releases the Kingdom and atmosphere of Heaven to carry healing and salvation across our cities and nations.  From His resting place, we are lit afresh and anew to become the burning ones shining bright for the world to see!