The Father’s Heart: A Testimony

Last Friday night, I had the awesome privilege of walking Sixth Street with the 6th Street Prayer Team  just to pray and to love on whoever God gave me.  We came to the corner of Sixth and San Jancinto when we felt like we were to stop and just worship.  One of our team members had her djembe and began pounding out a rhythm.  As we were worshipping, a young man with a rather crude t-shirt stopped a moment and then asked if he could play.  She boldly told him we were worshipping Jesus then turned the djembe over to him.  He began to beat a rhythm. I’m not sure he was prepared for the worship that began to be poured out as he played.  She sang healing over him – prophesying it into his life.  After a while, he got up and told us that he used to think aliens were a high power, but now he knew that there was one higher!  (He also apologized for the shirt!)  Gregg gave him a BURN card and told him to come play with us any time.  This is the love of a Father for a lost son.  An encounter with God in the most unlikely of places.

There are musicians all over this city looking for a place to play; a place where their voice is heard and understood; a place to release the sound inside of them.  It is our heart to find, disciple, and train up those who will not be silent and will cry out day and night until a habitation for the Lord is established in Austin.

BURN Austin is pioneering a “hands on” worship school called, For the King.  We are looking for vocalists and musicians (beginner or well seasoned) who desire a deeper relationship with Jesus through the use of instruments, voice, prophetic flow and the singing of scripture.  Classes start June 19 after the Tabernacle of David Worship Conference.  You can register right here on the website or if you’d like more information, please contact Gregg at

May Austin, Texas BURN with a passion for God’s presence.  May the loving kindness of God Almighty be with her in the day and give to her a song in the night.

Blessings to all – Machelle

Round Rock, TX & 50 Mile Radius

Word from Sam Brassfield for Round Rock
March 4th 2012 @ Fire on the Altar

Rick Pino: This is Pastor Sam Brassfield. Pastor Sam and his wife Miss Nancy… Not only are they spiritual papas and mamas to my wife and I, but they are spiritual mamas and papas to the city. They have been in this city for over 70 years. Over 70 years! Pastor Sam is a Papa prophet and he has a word for us tonight. Pastor Sam, take your liberty in the Lord and just say what God says.

Sam Brassfield: When I walked in tonight and sat down, I had the Lord speak to me. And not only did I hear what I say, but I say what I see and I see what I say. It is kinda unique and it is kinda different, the Lord, he took me back to Genesis and He said, as Jacob fled from his brother because he was threatened to take his life and he put him in the wilderness and he just happened upon a place and he just happened upon a certain place and there was a stone there, there was a stone there. It was evening and so he saw the stone there and he laid his head down upon that stone and it became that pillow. My God! In the middle of the night! In the middle of the night, all of a sudden the heavens opened and a ladder ascended into the middle of the heavens. And he saw angel’s ascending and descending into that porthole in the sky. God began to prophecy and speak to him prophetically of what He was gonna do in Jacob’s life. And there He called this place “Bethel”. This happens to be to the King of heaven, Gods house. And he made an altar unto that and years past they would always come back to Bethel and that was the house of the Lord. And I said to Rick, I just saw this and the Lord spoke to me and I saw this I questioned myself and I knew that I had heard the Lord say this tonight… and I got on my little map quest thing here and I heard the Lord say (And it’s kinda different) I heard the Lord say, That stone there, I am going to Round Rock, Texas. And He said, I am drawing a fifty mile radius around Round Rock. And I’m calling it “Bethel”, the House of God. And, by the way, He said Jollyville will be jolly once again. There is something happening in Jollyville that the Lord likes and He is bringing joy back to Jollyville once again. And this is what He said, I didn’t question the Lord…. I just kept sitting there and just soaking and soaking and in the back of my mind, I said, “Why did you choose Round Rock? Why did you say Round Rock?” And I didn’t ask the Lord, I was just wondering in my mind and he came over to me and said, “You know what happened there son?

A long time ago, a group of people came there, and there was a pastor that came there to the creek and they were baptizing people there and he got up on that round rock there and he declared and he said, “Lord would you bring revival there to Austin?” He was there! So let there be a 50 mile radius around Round Rock where the Glory of the Lord will be shown!!! This was a place where I met with a man and I made a promise and I will keep my promise. So there are waves of Glory. Now, don’t go there and make a monument
there and pray to Mary or something else. But this is just an area that has been established as the House of God. There will be signs and wonders and miracles. Revival is breaking out! There is gonna be joy in Jollyville. This whole area, where I use to live, He said there are wells here all over this area here that I am digging. The artesian waters coming straight from the throne room are starting to bubble up all over!!!


Thermometer or Thermostat

Thermometer or Thermostat

Ask yourself, which one are you?

A thermometer measures the temperature of the atmosphere around it. Hot, cold, just right! Are you able to discern the spiritual atmosphere around you? Can you sense the joy, pain, loneliness, desperation, adoration, oppression or freedom of the people and even the land around you? Maybe you can sense it and even have empathy towards it, but are you able to make an impact on it? Or do you simply acclimate to the conditions around you?

A thermostat not only measures the atmosphere around it, it has the ability to engage a power that can affect that atmosphere. By the power of the Holy Spirit, you have the ability to change the spiritual atmosphere around you. Release spontaneous worship to open the heavens! Declare freedom to those held captive! Heal the sick! Don’t become comfortable!