To see Austin transformed through a lifestyle of worship to Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.  Where every choice, action, word and deed would show forth honor and devotion to the Father. To foster sacrificial love serving one another and enabling communities of people to reach their potential in Christ.

To establish a place where God is visibly glorified in the city so that a hungry community would be attracted to the authentic presence of God.  Change is eminent when we encounter the living God.

BURN Austin exists to fulfill the Amos 9:11-12 and Acts 15:16-17 Biblical prophecy to rebuild and restore the Tabernacle of David, that the remnant of men may seek the Lord. It is for the end-time harvest!

1st – to love GOD with everything we are

2nd – to love each other sacrificially

Short Term

  1. Facilitate community worship events that bring unity to the body of Christ in Austin.
  2. Train up worshipers to live a lifestyle of ministering to the Lord and then release them to the positions God has established for them in the city.   i.e., local churches, houses of prayer, healing rooms.
  3. Take worship into the streets to share the love of Christ.
  4. Raise up leaders, mentors, and develop mature worshipers who know how to operate in the prophetic but grounded in the word for balance.
  5. Work with other Kingdom developments i.e., businesses, resources and leadership to fulfill God’s plans and designs for Austin, together as a unified Bride.

Long Term

  1. Establish a training/resource center as a coming together place for the body.
  2. Establish an Institute for worship, intercession, and integrating the prophetic.
  3. Establish a 24/7 tabernacle of worship.
  4. Establish Austin as the Live Worship Capital of the World.
  5. Expand our reach by releasing worship teams to the nations.